GemCraft Labyrinth game

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In this new part of Gemcraft your task - to defend your base from attacking monsters. This time the enemies attacking from all sides. To build the towers, traps, walls and put on the stones with different properties to stop the waves of the invasion of creatures. Play free this strategy games!
To use gems combine for to create powerful defense towers and defeat the beast. Different colors have different capabilities in addition to damage, cyan gems have the opportunity to slow the enemy advance, for example, while the yellow gems have the opportunity to do damage multiplied.
Control Sceme
Click on spell buttons, click to place buildings, drag gems to where you need them.
Everything can be done with mouse, but there are also some shortcut keys:

T - Build tower
R - Build trap
A - Build amplifier
L - Build lightning shrine
C - Build charged bolts shrine
W - Build wall

G - Combine gems
B - Throw gem bomb
M - Extend mana pool
Q - Freeze/unfreeze time
N - Send next wave instantly
X - Refund mana from gem
D - Duplicate gem
I - Enable/disable info panels
1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 - Create gem
P or Esc - Go to the Options screen