Gavin the Golf Goblin 2 game

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TIP- to stop the ball from disappearing on level 2 Use the top exit on the second screen of level 2. I don't know what causes the lag in later levels. But if you get lag at the start you computer isn't fast enough. The golf course in trouble again because, Gavin is back! Run, Jump and swim through 5 different golf holes as gavin the goblin. But this time gavin isnt the only goblin on the golf feelds. Seth the goblin is out there to give Gav a hard time. Also this time the golfers are more prepared to fend of gavin and may attack more often then last time. Authors MasterFury Armor Games (ArmorGames) Audio Devil's Dance by NemesisTheory Revolutions by Dimrain47
Control Sceme
Arrow Keys- Move
X,C - Jump, Swing