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Game details
"A zombie action-shooting game featuring : B-movie splatter-horror mood 3 story levels and a final 20 levels arena Hundreds of zombies of 5 different kinds Panic-striken policemen and 3 big-bosses 5 weapons including flamethrower & lightning gun Massive explosions by grenades and oil barrels Dynamic particle system for bullets & blood 30 Upgrade skills to grow Joe's combat might In-Game achievements for special bonus Short, simple and Complete in-game tutorial Automatic savegame at the end of each level Acid-cartoon style intro & end video-animations 4 Original soundtracks with hard-rock battle music Original "Resident Evil" Hollywood movie sound fx Story: Joe is a convict in St.Rose state prison a place of detention, pain and secret experimentations on human lab rats. But suddenly...something goes wrong Joe awakes after a strong explosion With A gatling gun welded on his arm ! The prison is out of control... everybody smells like dead flesh... walking and biting as damned zombies!"
Control Sceme
"WASD" to move
MOUSE to aim
LMB to shoot
"12345" to change weapon
"X" to bash in brawl
"SPACEBAR" to launch grenades
"M" to open/close the map
"P" to pause
"E" to skip logs and videos
"O" to open controls
"ESC" to main menu"