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Hi! This is my first flash shoot-em-up game! I wanted to code a game that was easy to play, fun to look at, and also be challenging. I'd be very impressed if someone can play the game through without using any continues. Some of the levels can be kind of wacked out, but that's the spirit of the game. Nothing too complicated, just move the mouse around, avoid being hit and shoot everything. I hope you peeps enjoy the game! :) Here's the "official" description. :) lol.. RetroShoot - Grab your mouse and shoot stuff! RetroShoot is an easy to play shooter that's 100% mouse controlled with auto fire. Evade the retronauts and their fire, and battle your way through level after level of fast action game play. Along the way, collect power up orbs for massive weapon upgrades and bombs. Features: Colorful graphics with a neon retro look. Visually exciting particle based explosions. Over 40 levels with lots of variety. Pulsating music track and sound fx. Can you battle your way through all 40 levels? Can you defeat the onslaught of the retronauts? Can you unlock all 4 mini games? This game requires Flash 10. Please download the latest version if you have any problems, thanks!
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