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REQUIRES FLASH 10 TO PLAY!!!!! Welcome to the 1840's. And to challenges galore! The railway system has just been built, and it's your job to get the right trains to the right railway stations. There are dangers everywhere. Bandits infest some of the tracks, so beware! The enemies have patrol cars that won't let you past. Some tracks are broken and need to be fixed before your trains can go over them. You'll need to use every last bit of your ingenuity to get these trains home! Trains! is a fun strategy and puzzle game where your goal is to get your train to its destination, in just the right way! Move passengers, goods and many other cars around your railway network in 21 exciting levels.
Control Sceme
The game is completely mouse-based. Click on the engine to start the train, and anywhere on a moving train to stop it. The controls are explained in detail in the game.