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BIG EDIT: If you played this game already please clear your browser cache to get the new updates. It should work A-OK on all computers with IE also now!!! Thanks for your patience!! With over 18 weapons to be bought and 18 other powers that includes and not limited to air strikes, armageddon and even an AI turret. Major Masher's goal is to collect soul capsules and assimilate them whilst attacking waves of enemies. The game isn't story focussed. Your objective is to collect capsules that spawn at various spawn sites (called tabernacles/black boxes) and return to the assimilation point for assimilation. Edit: Made all the fixes people have asked for. Made tons of fixes. Removed the forced tutorial, made the hero heavier and the boss 2 slightly harder. Edit: If you've already played this game before 6th December 2010, please clear your cache and reload and also please download the latest flash player or you might experience bugs. Download flash player from: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ and click the little download link on that page.
Control Sceme
WASD = movement.
Mouse = Aim
Mouse Click = shoot
Q = grenade (hold to control grenade power)
R = reload current weapon
Don't forget to buy new weapons when you get money. You can bring down the weapons shop by clicking the top bar.