Gliding Thunder game

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*go to "H pad" to end level after killing enemies, and/or restore health and ammunition. There are 12 levels and 6 tutorial levels. Take control of a hovercraft filled with bombs, missiles, and heavy guns. Destroy all the turrets on the level then get to the "H" helli pad. Save up points for upgrades of weapons. *tips Do the in game tutorial! - Your primary weapon is a high firerate, upgradable chain gun. - Prolonged firing, can jam the gun. In this case, cease fire and allow the temperature to drop. - Your secondary weapons are medium power rockets and upgradable time bombs. - Time bombs are very powerful You have 3 seconds to get away from them once dropped. - Map - shows your location as well as walls, buildings, gates switches, and enemies. - H Pad will replenish your ammunitions and repair damage to your ship. - When all enemi
Control Sceme
WASD: Move
Mouse: Aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire
Space = Fire Rocket/Drop Bomb
1 & 2 = Select secondary weapon
M = In game map
P = Pause